Africa By Design The EXHIBITION




"Design is a vehicle for discussion, social development, mobilisation and business."


The designers selected for the inaugural and ground-breaking AFRICA BY DESIGN exhibition, share strong symbolic and cultural narratives and histories. However, they are each thought provoking in their separate heritage and, surprising for the outsider, for their modernity. From environmental design, to furniture / product and textile design; 21 designers, from 6 sub-Saharan countries will create a platform, which celebrates design. 


"Africa can, with enough exposure, create an industry around design with such talents at the forefront. It is imperative that substance is put behind such talent, whether efforts such as by Chrissa Amuah, who has gallantly spearheaded the project over the course of two years pro bono, or through the support of companies who believe Africa has a place in design on the world stage and can help to make a difference, such as African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), whose President and Chairman, Dr Oramah, understands the need for the cross pollination of ideas and who has supported this inaugural exhibition.

Whether an AFRICA BY DESIGN piece is noted and a manufacturer makes a plan to produce in multiples elsewhere paying a standard royalty to the designer, or if, in fact, micro production is able to happen locally to the designer, which creates not just jobs but the learning of skills, the benefits will be huge."

- Suzanne Trocme
Award-winning furniture designer, award-winning author, journalist, broadcaster, curator and educator



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 Featured Designer: Na Chainkua Reindorf

Featured Designer: Na Chainkua Reindorf